Tell me I am yours. Tell me how I belong to you and how nothing I do or look like could ever change that. Tell me I’m your favorite, and tell me daily. Tell me that I smell good and that the curve of my smile is the most important curve on my body. Tell me how funny I am and how creative my imagination is. Tell me my thoughts are deep and meaningful, and that my opinion does matter. Tell me that you think I’m beautiful even when I don’t look the way you thought I should. Tell me I’m deserving.

Tell me about my early years and how you knew me before I recognized myself. Tell me the story of my evolution. Tell me the story of my development. Tell me how I came to have the beliefs that I have, and tell me where the values I cherish originated from. Tell me how you fooled me into thinking growing up would be fun just to turn around and teach me that the present moment gives the greatest gift. Tell me why I hold my breath when I get anxious. Tell me the first time I cried out of relief instead of pain. Tell me about the loudest time I laughed. Tell me who I loved the most.

Tell me who impacted my decisions and tell me if they are around to see the beauty in the beast of a woman I am. Tell me I’m worthy. Tell me the sweetest thing my father ever said to me. Tell me all the ways I have served those in need (the times I knew I was doing it and the times I had no clue). Tell me about me. Tell me about the person I will marry and how they came to understand me. Tell me how I learned to hold on to myself and to love someone else simultaneously. Tell me about the children I’ll have. Tell me about their faces and their names. Tell me who taught me how to let go.

Tell me how wealthy I am, have been, and always will be. Tell me I’m appreciated. Tell me not to work too hard. Tell me to put the phone down. Tell me to take a nap. Tell me to take care of myself, and tell me daily. Tell me to be brave. Tell me that change is coming and tell me how to get prepared. Tell me to step outside my comfort zone. Tell me to trust you. Tell me when to be patient and tell me when to make moves. Tell me what my purpose is, and if it is to love others, can you tell me how to do that better?

Tell me who to delete off Facebook and which ex’s not to call back. Tell me how to celebrate my failures. Tell me to forgive myself. Tell me my greatest accomplishment. Tell me when I’ll die. Tell me how I’ll die. Tell me not to ask for such futile information. Tell me what you want from me, and tell me how to give it to you. But most importantly, tell me I am yours.