I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed, I need a break!  Life has always had the ability to be overwhelming at times but it seems now, with text messages, emails and such, it is even more demanding of our time. Every time the soft sound of a text hits my phone, I stop, read and often reply. No sooner than I finish I’ll see an email pop up with something that I need to do or a call to make. How many times have I said, “Make it stop!” And then Covid 19 hit and many things stopped. At first it was so painful not to be able to go and do and then I began to realize- my slower pace was not all bad. 

Finding Balance

Now in 2023, I find it relaxing and enjoyable to be home. This sounds good except I NEED to get out more. So, now what’s my plan to relax outside my house and find a new comfort level? What can I do that will help me be inspired and also reduce the stress of life? Shopping means spending money on things I don’t need- not a good idea. Trying all the new restaurants, then clothes won’t fit and then I’ll have to shop!

Finding Time

Finally, I landed on time. Taking time to do things with people I enjoy being with- a long chat and coffee or making dinner for someone. Today, I invited my granddaughter to spend the day with me, no real schedule. We window shopped in antiques stores where she found a tiny little music box, a little treasure and a memory for later. The antique store gave me the opportunity to share stories with her about items we saw that my mother had like a coffee percolator. (No we did put little coffee filled cups in it to drip coffee.) We tried on hats and laughed at funny things that neither of us could figure out what they were.

We discovered a tiny little book store with a little hiding nook for little ones to crawl into and read. Scanning the shelves, we looked for a potential treasure. Then we decided it was time for one last treat from the cupcake shop before going home.

So, here I am almost bedtime and totally relaxed and yes, tired and ready for bed. Such a delightful day, out of the house, just strolling small town shops with someone I love. Successful assignment doing something for me, taking a break from life.