We hold within us one simple action promising outrageous life-changing benefits. It’s obviously more valuable than gold, practice it daily. It will absolutely

Check out the research in the links above backing up the claims gratitude makes life rich. 

One of my favorite ways to express gratitude is to take uneventful moments in my day and speak five sentences of gratitude about them. Rather than make long lists of things I’m grateful for, I take one thing and come up with five reasons I’m grateful. There is something about this practice that plants gratitude deep within me.

When I walk out of the coffee shop, I say, “I’m really grateful for the barista. He greets me with such a contagious smile. He always calls me by name. He remembers my preferences and makes me feel important. I experience a sense of belonging in this moment all because of him.” When I discipline myself to practice gratitude with five sentences, gratitude transforms, changes, adjusts, refreshes and connects me.

When I pull away from the grocery store, I say, “I’m so grateful for the way this store keeps their shelves stocked with allergies in mind. Their aisles are clear and their floors are clean. I always love the music they play. The guys in the produce department take such good care of me and the woman at the check out is so gracious.” When I purposely express gratitude with five full sentences, it releases, shifts, frees, improves and increases me.

Go ahead. Try it. See if you get the benefits science claims are possible.