I am a Project Junkie. With every project I have this voice in my head and a tap on my shoulder that is my constant remainder.

The weird part is I am extremely creative, not suppose to have organizational skills. But …when my mind is set on a project I am like a banshee on steroids.

We all have the crash and burn project. Not a good idea to begin with and so the rabid dog in me starts it, finishes it and always hopefully, learning from my mistakes.

And then there is get her done project. Most of the time, it is half ass and disappointing because if you are going to do something, do it right.

The reach for the sky project is one that is probably the most enriching. But then again the voice is telling me in order to succeed you have to work hard and never, never give up.

The group projects can be rewarding – right? The main issue is usually that one person that does not pull their weight causing much undo stress and has ruined many a friendship. Again, I feel that tap, that voice, telling me, if you work as a team, good things will happen.

There are the mundane projects like house cleaning. Granted it is a necessity unless you want to live in squalor because cleanliness is next to Godliness!!

The husband wife projects can be daunting. Who’s in charge? Don’t tell me what to do? BUT, we have learned to work together by assigning tasks and using our best skill sets to always set a goal, and reach for the rewards.

I am at the end of another big project, my first book, and decided to call my sister. I tell her, “Mom and Dad showed up again!” The tap on my shoulder was my Dad … in heaven, and the voice in my head, well that was Mom dressed to the nines going strong at 90.