1. Start today to save for retirement, 10% of gross pay, if possible, including any employer match within a 401(K) plan.

2. Build or maintain your rainy day fund of 4-6 months of expenses.

3. Review 2-3 times year, your monthly expenses, categorized by fixed and discretionary. It’s surprising how much is discretionary and sneaks up if one doesn’t watch and review spending.

4. When you receive a raise or bonus, save at least 50% or best, 100% of this. Yes, you can and should enjoy some of your hard earned monies! There will be years that you may not be able to save at all, so save when you can.

5. Review 2-3 times a year or as you desire, your savings and investment accounts. Make sure that the investments you hold, match your personal risk profile, whether aggressive, moderate or conservative.

6. We all have debt, now and again, so manage it, review it, and make plans to pay off, monthly and quarterly. Many now have school loans, beyond mortgages, car loans, etc. Keep an eye on this part of your personal balance sheet, so that you always have positive net worth!

7. For families with children, please take time to review and ensure that you have proper insurance, in case of an unexpected event. We now must have health insurance; and parents should have life and disability insurance if possible, from employer or held personally. There are too many stories of families who have lost a loved one, unexpectedly, and there was no financial back-up in place, putting their family in severe hardship.

8. Additionally, ensure you have proper levels of auto and home/apartment insurance.

9. For couples nearing retirement or planning, they should be reviewing their overall financial plan, including, current and projected lifestyle expenses. Ensuring that their estate planning is updated and in place.

10. For those who own/co-own a business, i.e. real estate ownership; or others, please make sure to retain experts (accounting, legal, financial etc. ) to support you as you build or maintain your business so that it thrives along with you.