At three years old, the women who gave birth to her chose drugs and alcohol. The preschooler began to live with her then grandparents, now parents. Given away at such a early age would leave a mark on anyone. No one would expect her to amount to much. However, Simone Biles is the first woman to win three consecutive world all-around titles, the most decorated American female gymnast, and now has a new gymnastics skill on floor exercise named after her. Simone, too young to quality for the 2012 Olympics, is Team USA’s Gold-Medal Winner in All-Around Gymnastics. She’s a marvel to watch!

If you have not seen the gravity-defying physics of Simone Biles, watch it now.

She’s been called “the greatest ever.”

How did she go from being discarded to THE GREATEST EVER? As a preschooler, she regularly flipped off her family’s mailbox before she even knew about gymnastics. The girl takes risks. Not much can be accomplished in life without taking some risks.

After a catastrophic performance in 2013 full of falls and mistakes, she opted out of competing on the vault altogether. She quickly found help for her mental preparation which set her on a winning streak we have not yet seen the end of. This teenager understands that it’s not just about her skill but also about her thinking. Nothing positive comes from negative thinking.

At the 2015 World Championship, she was not her typical self — out of bounds on floor exercise, almost fell off the balance beam, took a big hop forward on the landing of her vault. In spite of all that, she landed the gold because her level of difficulty was so superior to what anyone else was doing. She said this, “I was pretty disappointed in how I did, because I knew I could do better. Even though I came out on top it just didn’t feel good because for me I did bad.” Simone understands her potential and doesn’t settle for less. The things we could accomplish if we truly performed at the level of our potential.

In Rio, her team captain and best friend won silver. Simone tweets this: “I think I was more proud of Aly getting silver than me gold. She’s worked so incredibly hard during her comeback. She’s one of my role models, and I don’t think there’s anyone I’d rather share the podium with. I’m more happy for her than I am myself.” The Greatest Ever values others’ success more than her own.

If you are looking for a model of success you just found her in Simone Biles.

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