So you want to start your own business? Fantastic idea! I love it when single moms decide she wants to be in charge of her income and hours. I think it’s wonderful not only for her family but for herself. If she wants to make more money, she doesn’t have to rely on someone else to give her a raise. If she needs to take off work, because her child is sick, she doesn’t need to get permission from her boss. I’m all for single moms starting their own business.

When I started my own business, I had absolutely no idea how hard it would be. I always had an excellent work ethic and was motivated and ambitious, so I thought that’s what I needed to create a successful business. I was resourceful. Even if I didn’t know the answers, I would find them, and when I want something bad enough, I find a way to make it happen. Were all of those enough to have a successful business?

Those qualities are needed when having your own business, but there is so much more to it. It doesn’t happen overnight. I thought when I opened the proverbial doors to my business, people would just come. Little did I know that is far from what happens. It’s not a “Build it and they will come” philosophy, because I tried that.

I wanted to be successful, help people, and make a difference. The idea of having my own business was very appealing. Then when I realized I had no idea how to have a business, reality hit me. This is going to be so much harder than I ever thought.

When you’re single parenting, you have a child relying on you, you can’t just up and quick your full-time job in hopes that your entrepreneurial dream will work out. If you’re not working, you shouldn’t use your only source of income from child support to pursue a new business. What if for some reason that child support stops?

I get very eager at the possibility of something great happening. I have to remind myself to thoroughly think things through and what the results will be in the long run. Ask yourself questions. What do you know about owning your own business? What information do you still need to make sure it’s a success? What resources or help can you get? How long can you expect before the business is profitable? When you research all the information you need, set goals daily, weekly, and monthly. Then take steps every day to achieve those goals.

What is your vision for your business? Creating a vision for your business helps you know where you want the company to go. If you don’t have a vision currently, you can still form a company. The number one thing you must ask yourself is what problem are you solving. You want to be known as a problem solver. When you are the solution to this difficult burden, people will come to you.

Having your own business is incredible, but it also take a lot of work, effort, resources, help, support, and money for it to be a success. Do your due diligence before you start. Take small steps every day to bring you one step closer to opening your doors. Parenting alone, it’s absolutely possible for you to be an entrepreneur, and it’s a remarkable opportunity for you.

Look into your business options, set goals, and make it your reality. Decide what solution you’re providing to what problem. Imagine life as a single mom and entrepreneur. Single moms, you will empower yourself and your family tremendously! It’s so exciting to see how your life will change once you are your own boss.

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