Nine Naturals is a paraben-free beauty line designed especially for expectant mothers. It provides safe, one-hundred percent plant-based, high-performing hair care and skincare products for women during pregnancy and beyond. Nine Naturals helps women look beautiful while ensuring a safe, healthy start for their children.

The average woman uses twelve beauty products a day—a routine that exposes her to as many as one-hundred and sixty-eight different ingredients. Some of these commonly found ingredients, like parabens and phthalates, can be absorbed into the bloodstream and have been associated with diseases and health concerns such as cancer, endocrine disruption and behavioral disorders. Pregnancy is the stage when babies are most vulnerable to environmental toxin exposure. Women should still be able to use luxurious beauty products without risking their health or the health of their new baby. All of the ingredients are pre-screened for safety during pregnancy and while nursing.  Their formulations use one-hundred percent naturally-derived ingredients and never use sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, DEA, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives.

Grace Lee, Founder and CEO said, “I created this line so that women could make confident choices about their beauty routine that would be safe for them and their baby. Not only that, I consider the products in our line easy substitutes in our otherwise chemical-ridden beauty routines. Our new line focuses not only on ingredient purity but also performance. I love that this line still keeps me feeling beautiful, but more naturally and organically! I hope you feel the same way!” Read her full “perfect enough pregnancy” message here.

All Nine Naturals products are also made with gentle, soothing natural fragrances comprised solely of pure essential oils designed to help ease common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue. They toned down the strength of the fragrance, so you’ll never find them to be overpowering to account for your sensitive sense of smell.

Premium ingredients including moroccan argan oil, macadamia seed oil and cupuaçu butter nurture your hair and skin to keep you radiant throughout your nine months and beyond. When you are experiencing the exciting mom-to-be time in your life, take good care of you and your little one inside and out.

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