There is so much power in what we say that we often change the course of our lives without even knowing it. “I don’t see myself ever getting there” or “If I just looked like…” or “I can’t because I am a woman” are common phrases that are not only negative but prophetic.

We must learn to SPEAK LIFE.

Words have power and what we think when spoken with conviction and repetition can go so far as to alter the brain.

The stimulation from urgency, repetition or association will actually create new proteins inside your neuron– at the level of the synapse a self-perpetuating protein is created which keeps the connection going between neurons. This is a long lasting self-perpetuating protein, and it gets strengthened with repetition. (1)

“I can do this!” or

“I am smart, beautiful and deserve to be treated equally!” or

“This is gonna be a great day!”

There was a time when I would see someone who had on something I liked or just looked ready to take on the world and I would worry about what they would say if I were to go tell them how good they looked but one day I felt driven to say something. Well it turned out that she was the speaker for the event I was attending, and she pointed out during her speech how my little compliment really encouraged her and gave her that boost she needed to deliver her life changing speech.  SHE TURNED OUT TO BE THE FIRST BLACK FEMALE astronaut?? The rest is history. From CEO’s to presidents, I have learned that you can change the world by SPEAKING LIFE.

“Girl you are wearing that dress like no body’s business!”

“Wow you really inspired me with your story!”

“Your skin is beautiful!”

“Your smile gives light to the room!”

are just a few words that I have uttered, and I know that sometimes people are not receptive or will even insult you for your unsolicited words… DO IT ANYWAY!  You never know if your words will fall on ears and hearts that you were not aiming for.  Collateral damage can change our world.

So many times, we don’t want to “dial an insult” but the more you begin to speak life into people and over people the more people will not only be drawn to you, but opportunities will present themselves because people, especially the young people, are thirsting for an encouraging word. Just last week I was chaperoning a group of young people and we were waiting for the cars to be pulled up (in the freezing cold), a young lady who had been standing next to me had begun to ask questions about her chances of going on to Medical school from certain “just ok” colleges she was considering. I was able to tell her to simply do her best and stay focused, that with hard work and persistence the world could truly be what she made it. The group of ladies I was with that day have committed to be a resource for her and other young ones in the group.  It would have been easy to generally guide her to her school counselors as it is “not my place” to say anything to her about her future, and some would say “that is her parents job,” but we are presented with opportunities for a reason. There are times when we just have an angel on our shoulder that makes that person more receptive to what WE say, or how WE say, or the sound of OUR voice. Yes, I have been told that the sound of my voice made someone listen to me (of course I have heard the exact opposite as well, but that was when speaking to my own kids).

On a serious note, I know that there are times when we may not have the perfect or most correct thing to say, but we each have an intrinsic ability to be positive and find good. There is always something good we can say, something positive, something nice. Dig deep and focus within. LOOK at who you are speaking to. Take note that this person is a gift to the earth and that their life is valuable and sacred. This is your fellow woman or man-SPEAK LIFE!


Photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov on Unsplash