A holistic treatment approach for substance abuse disorder is a form of healing that treats the whole-person. While standard treatments only consider body, emotions, and mind, holistic treatment includes spirit too. Therapists believe that when one of these elements doesn’t work properly, it affects the others. The primary goal of holistic therapy is to achieve optimal health and wellness by gaining balance in life.

Holistic Medicine for Substance Abuse Disorder

Experts have found that holistic treatments can be very helpful for people in substance abuse recovery. From detox to maintaining sobriety, a holistic approach can improve mental and physical well-being and reduce stress. Studies demonstrate that rehab programs that incorporate holistic treatment methods are more successful than those that don’t.

Where to Look for Holistic Therapy

Part of holistic treatment includes being in nature. Look for a treatment facility with a natural and serene setting. The goal is to find a place where you can refresh your soul. You might even decide to pursue a form of spirituality during treatment. Keep your options open so that you have the opportunity if it moves you.

Aside from the environment, search for treatment centers that have well-trained and fully licensed staff. They should ask you about your drug and family history, state of health, and your diet, sleep and exercise patterns. Learning about the centers will ensure that the amenities and treatment options fit your needs.

Holistic Treatment Principles

One principle of holistic therapy is to empower people to be responsible for their own health and well-being. Practitioners also believe that unconditional support and love are also powerful healing elements. The approach also centers around the belief that everyone has innate healing powers. Rather than just ease symptoms, its purpose is to treat the root cause of the addiction.

In addition, holistic practitioners believe that people need to take a team approach to healing. This approach involves those in need and their doctors. They use a range of treatments to address every aspect of people’s lives.

Get the Right Therapy for You

Holistic therapy is an integral part of every personalized treatment plan. A caring environment with a whole-person approach to substance abuse treatment aids in successful recovery. Along with lifestyle training, organic nutrition, and standard 12-step program, there are several other holistic treatments, including:

Getting treatment that utilizes a holistic approach improves your chances of a long-term and successful recovery. Learning about and paying attention to your whole-body health and wellness is a worthwhile exploration.