Terrhonda Hillman is an author, motivational speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur whose goal in life is to inspire others to use negative situations to create a life of purpose. One of her favorite quotes is, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose,” and that is what she strives to do and to teach. From the age of 10, Terrhonda knew that she wanted to be a writer, but self-doubt clouded her dream and caused her to pursue many occupations before finally realizing that her gift of writing was her only way to finally experience freedom, peace and happiness. After finishing the soon to be released book titled, “Daughter of the Other Woman,” Terrhonda started a podcast also titled, “Daughter of the Other Woman” to inspire others to create a life of joy. The podcast may be found on most platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, I Heart, etc. Terrhonda is the owner/operator of Brighter Day Cleaning Services in Mansfield, TX specializing in residential and commercial cleaning.

You can find her articles here.