Alone in the midst of impenetrable fog we are stymied by the situation that lays at our feet.  Do we take a chance and walk through the fog to the other side or do we turn around and go back into the mist as fear takes over?

Many times in my life I have stood on that bridge of uncertainty.  Uncertainty is real and very stressful as seen in the pandemic scare of the last few months. As I stand on the precipice, an intense sadness grips me as I shut my front door and isolate from all those I love.  I realized in order to accomplish our goals as a nation we had to cross that bridge to save lives.

Being a Mom during this time of isolation can and does test the resolve to stay sane.  Your steps are unsteady, unsure. When you are a Mom to a one year old who rarely wakes up happy and a preteen who believes he is the one and only for over ten years can be overwhelming.  Sometimes a deeper message shows up in the middle of desperate times … our thoughts are the gateway to our own happiness.  “If they are muddled with negativity and that negativity is shared we leak poison,” says this disgruntled Mom.  The realization for her is that she is the lucky one that is a witness to her children’s own light and imagination as her main focus at this time is to protect.

Stymied by the unknown, an amazing friend and salon owner did the unimaginable.  She turned off the lights and AC to her business in order to help save every penny and watched as darkness entered her world.  Taking charge of the situation she stepped up and became a light for others by advocating for all local businesses and urging others to contribute to local charities, in particular the homeless.  Reaching out to others via FaceTime or social media helped her to stay connected as she realized “one thing I know is we will survive this hiccup.”

I feel the disconnect of the human touch, craving that moment when I get to see the faces I love and the faces I long to meet.  In particular, I envision the day when I can with certainty shake the hands of our hero’s, our angels with caring hearts for our ravaged world. Each day I struggle as my heart aches for those that are suffering as I try and grasp what our tomorrows will look like as the fog deepens.

The bravery shown during this time of darkness provides the much needed ray of hope as we feel the ground shake. In the midst of our social distancing I was privy to a moment of glory as I sat alone by our neighborhood pond on a sunlit day.  The reflection of the clouds in a sea of blue gave me a sense of peace allowing me to relax in the arms of His spirit.

In these unprecedented times, I find faith in the darkness as I dig deep to find the courage to believe what I cannot see.  We do not necessarily need to know all the answers. Together we cross that bridge of uncertainty, allowing us to let go of our fears and gather strength from the storm and find glory in heaven’s refrain.