Definition of Mindset

1: a fixed state of mind

2: the established set of attitudes held by someone.

The saying “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” is well known and a belief that many people subscribe to. Many people feel it’s important to “win” in areas of life such as finances, work status, personal relationships and their public image. Wanting to win isn’t an entirely bad thing, depending on the circumstance. For example, it’s healthy and normal to want to win when we are in a legitimate and respectful competition, such as in sports or academic competitions. However, I would argue that while it’s normal and healthy to want to win in those appropriate circumstances, it’s not everything or the only thing. I propose a revision to the well-known motto.

“Mindset isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

There are some critics of fixed mindsets who claim that having a fixed mindset can decrease a person’s desire to gain more knowledge and can inhibit risk taking. Seems like a negative mindset, if you ask me. The cool thing is you can change your mindset if you find yours isn’t serving you well! If you have self-awareness and are open to honest self-reflection, you can choose and practice a mindset that enhances your life rather than holds you back with limitations. Many people call this a “mindful mindset” or a “growth mindset” instead of a “fixed mindset.” Call it what you will, having a mindful mindset can not only help you feel better on a regular basis, it can propel you into even greater things in life if your mindset is positive.

Mindset isn't everything, it's the only thingYears ago, I discovered the power of gratitude. From that discovery, I developed and adopted a grateful mindset. I also decided to start believing that I could attain any goals that I truly wanted to. I started setting goals and achieving them and then setting new goals to achieve. This lead to me having a more confident mindset.

A great blog to follow about this is a My Mindful Mindset.

What is your mindset? Do an honest assessment of your mindset. If you find that you’ve adopted a negative mindset that isn’t improving your life, choose a new mindset. Write down your new mindset and make a commitment to practice your new mindset daily until it becomes part of who you are. You can do anything you set your mind to…set your mindset! Choose yours wisely!


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