In Chinese folklore, when a magical connection is made between two people, it is called the Red Thread of Fate.  From the moment we are born a red invisible thread is tied around our fingers and attached to the people we are destined to meet.  It may stretch or tangle but it will never break.

Communication is the human connection.  To bridge the gap between two people you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, uncertain of the outcome. When my husband and I married there was a moment of uncertainty but through the years we can see the invisible red thread become a cord of strength, of lasting love.  My husband likes to think it was a God thing.  It just took us a while to figure it out.

Connections are energies and travel in both directions, heart to heart.  I like to believe the Red Threads that unite us are one of life’s offerings of true happiness and fulfillment. When my first child was born I reached out to hold this most precious gift bestowed to my heart. I felt the sweet breath of life as I gently kissed and cuddled my baby, my son. Tears flowed when he opened his eyes for the first time and responded to my voice.  I am wrapped in warmth as for the first time as I feel this maternal connection so strong. I have a sense of falling, as if gravity has slipped from my hands.  I get this same warmth with each child and now grandchild.  They are my heart strings.

When you have a soul connection, it can be immediate!  Fate has stepped in allowing you to connect with a consciousness other than yours.  Sitting across from my red-headed friend I know deep down that our relationship is special.  I always feel valued.  In the good times and bad she shows up and I in turn strive to be her anchor.  She is my soul sister, my confidante and from the first time we met, I felt this intense indescribable chemistry.

Interweaved in our lives are the relationships we hold on to.  Each one requires work and attention.  When someone inspires you to be a better person, you know you have a great friend.  This quality is especially true in the business world.  One very successful woman with incredible marketing skills believes communication comes first, long before a connection can be made.  In order for her to achieve her goals she knows respect is earned through honesty. Once trust is gained than loyalty will follow.

One of the most important things in our lives are the connections we make with others.  They are our Red Threads that bring meaning to our lives.  You know it was meant to be when you return to one another over and over again.  When you look in their eyes and feel alive.  The Red Thread of Fate guides you allowing you to decide your own destiny.  Your heart will tell you who to hold on to.