Communicating with others is the key to success.  Being able to connect with others is the way to ensure you are heard and understood.  By speaking clearly and spelling out what you want to say, you help others to understand what you are trying to communicate.

In my life, I am constantly asking my friends not to use a pronoun when referring to a person.  My best friend will say “he told me” and I have to always ask–which he.  There are many gentlemen she could be referring to when she says he.  Let your audience know which one you mean–your husband, your son or your boss.

When referring to an event in the future, let your listeners know exactly when.  I don’t just say next week–I say, next Tuesday, May 21.  This enables me to let the person know exactly when I am trying to set up an appointment.

Another effective communications skill, is to always use the “I feel” form when speaking.  For example, I feel frustrated when you are 15 minutes late.  Could you call or text me when you are running late.  This way I am not waiting around aimlessly and wondering when and if you will keep our meeting time.

When someone communicates effectively with you, it is a great feeling.  You affirm with a nod or a yes that you heard what they said.  This lets you communicate with your listener that they were heard and you understand them.  This fosters goodwill between people.

We think we are communicating effectively; however, it is up to us to let others know if we heard them.  This lets others know we are on the same page.  Also, this encourages them to continue the conversation on a positive note.  Everyone likes to know that they have been heard.

Listening effectively is the key to a great relationship.  Talking and spelling out exactly what you mean are also the way to keep the conversation going in a positive direction.

After all, we all want to be heard!  So listen up!!!