You don’t have to settle for the belief that success comes one step at a time.  Consider challenging that belief if you want to live your full potential.  We are capable of an explosive jump in performance at an accelerated rate, requiring less effort; a quantum leap.  And if you want a quantum leap, start by reading You Squared by Price Pritchett.  In just 36 pages – this little book will fill you with wisdom, insight and motivation.  It’s a user’s guide for taking a quantum leap in your life.

Pritchett says:

“We don’t have to be content with incremental, gradual change through the application of hard work”

If you notice yourself doubting this idea, beware!  It’s what keeps you stuck.

Here is a summary of the big ideas in this incredible book.

1. Quit Trying Harder – Trying harder only produces incremental gains.

“Trying harder is familiar and blinds you to easier pathways”

2. Ignore Conventional Approaches – A quantum leap requires an abrupt change in behavior.  Finesse over effort.  Simplicity over complexity.

3. Think Beyond What Common Sense Would Allow – Quantum leaps require “uncommon sense.”  Rethink your thinking.  Violate the boundaries of the predictable and probable.

4. Suspend Disbelief – Act as if your success is certain and proceed boldly.  Your belief in yourself is enough evidence.

5. Focus On Ends Rather Than Means – It is crucial to have a clear picture and focus on what you want to accomplish.  Solutions will appear.  Draw the map as you go.

6. Rely On Unseen Forces – When you focus on the clear picture of what to accomplish, and move confidently toward it, unexpected and unknown resources materialize.

7. Choose A Different Set Of Rules – You can never avoid risk; you can only choose which risks you will take.  Risk believing in yourself.

8. Trust In The Power Of The Pursuit – Dreams begin to form into reality when they are pursued, because the world behaves differently when you go after what you want.

9. Seek Failure and Feedback –

“Unless you are willing to fail, you will never test the limits of what you are capable of “

10. Get Uncomfortable – Quantum leaps jerk you out of your comfort zone.  If you aren’t experiencing discomfort, the risk you are taking probably isn’t worthy of you.

11. Open Your Gifts – You have unused gifts waiting to play a role in your quantum leap.   Claim them, use them and they will grow.

12. Fall In Love – Create a dramatic dream that goes beyond the ‘reasonable’, and then allow it to become your “magnificent obsession.”

13. Make Your Move Before You Are Ready – You don’t prepare for a quantum leap, you make it… and then you fine tune as you go.

14. Look Inside For The Opportunity – Everything else that’s needed comes from inside you, not from anything outside you.  Look inside for what pulls you; that is where you find direction.

Maybe you’re on the edge of a quantum leap right now; one that skips several rungs on the achievement ladder.  If it feels outrageous, that’s how you know it’s a quantum leap.  This is not something you learn from family, school or work.  A leap like this requires uncommon thinking.

Quantum leaps are the foundation for bringing dreams into reality, so I invite you to look at what area of your life is calling you to make a radical shift?  Consider the principles Pritchett presents, and then… just do it.  Make the leap and trust that everything is in position to support you.