We all have had life changing transitions whether personal, career, health or relationships among many others. Each one of these is an opportunity for growth and a life event that may cause you to feel unexpected emotions. For example, retirement for men and women, may cause one  to feel a loss of identity and self- value. One day you were the person in charge, being compensated nicely, and the next week,   you are Mr. or Mrs. “Retired in Place”, drawing Social Security and perhaps a pension. (The financial conversation is a whole another topic…). Or you decide to leave a long standing love relationship and the transition to being on your own socially caused you to  feel undervalued and of course under loved. This is where small actions can lead you to your next success. Focusing on what makes you happy and productive is a good way to take small steps to complete a transition. How many of us have made big changes in our lives and have questioned ourselves day in and day out?

We can share many more life transitions and decisions that we all make to move away or “forward” as we say in our wealth management practice. The words we use when talking to ourselves matter, and words like moving ahead; moving forward; are supportive of our internal decisions.

Take time to take good care of you when you are in a life transition. Healthy habits will help you to make healthy decisions daily. A successful transition usually does not happen in a few days, and sometime may take months, which we all know can be very challenging. There is a saying we use, that “What we appreciate, Appreciates!  Meaning that when we focus on a goal, a positive outcome, we usually will experience that result over time. Positive intention is one foundational technique for success.

Equally important is having a support system of family, friends and colleagues that you can trust and share your feelings and ideas with when you are making a life transition. Moving through a life transition without a strong support system is challenging. Even if there is only one person that you can lean on, ask for support and guidance or just an ear that will listen. As we process our emotions, one at a time,  we can move forward much more quickly.

Remember, transitions and change can produce positive growth in your life. Be open to the change, and life will open up for you.