Two Truths and a Lie is a game I often play with my students at school as an occasional ice breaker. They absolutely love it. It’s a game I didn’t play until I was an adult in my late 30’s. I’ll be honest and admit I’ve often wanted to change the title of this game. Lies sound so harsh but nonetheless it’s always effective in securing their engagement.

Truth or Lie?

I’m always amused at what is actually a lie and what reveals itself as truth. At times, it’s easy to guess which is the lie and which is the truth. Yet, at other times, I’m left with a delightful surprise. As far as my own life is concerned, however, I think this game becomes quite a bit more challenging.

I recently wondered secretly if I could tell which part of my life had become a lie and which stands as the unshakable and immutable truth. So I played the game with myself. I discovered the truths were U-G-L-Y and ain’t got no alibis. The lies were even uglier.


I hunted down a couple “truths” about myself lately and found them to be complete and utter fodder. I also looked at several “lies” and found them to be truths.

One truth I’ve been telling myself for awhile is- I’m not playing it safe, I’m being sensible and practical in my decision making. That was a supposed truth, but it’s a big fat lie. The truth is I’m making chicken decisions based on fear and insecurity. Why? Because I’m believing my own lie and painting it as truth to everyone around me. I’ve flipped the lie into truth the way great investors flip houses. It’s become a version of the lie that is believable to others. Now my job is to convince everyone around me I’m not that much of a coward. No, I’m not afraid, I’m just really sensible. See how easy it is?

Another “truth” I wrestled with recently is I can’t achieve my highest goals in life. I don’t possess the same measure of talent or family foundation as those who do. This is a lie. The truth is I haven’t been as dedicated to achieving my highest goals with the same measure of determination and commitment as those who have. I’ve been afraid to put myself out there and fail.


The fear of trying and not succeeding is something I talk with my students about on a weekly basis. So why am I not taking in my own pep talks? I want to leave this life empty, knowing that I’ve poured out everything. But do I have the courage to do that?

I’m balancing the books this year. With all my lies and all my truths in their perspective columns, I am continuously asking myself which is which? I know I’ll never truly move forward without this transparency.

Courage has to begin in truth, in transparency, and even in a little of the U-G-L-Y with no alibis, no excuses. That’s right, good ole’ fashion fessing up to stuff. From this moment forward, I’m committed to asking myself: Is that really the truth or the lie masquerading? I’m going to put the lies in the right place and grow in momentum. I’m also determined to be unafraid of my truths. Because without this, any of us can simply be trapped in a vicious cycle of a game where we are the ones guessing and hiding from the real answers. 

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