Gary Chapman, well known for teaching us about the five love languages, provides us with a great to-do list for this month of love.


If you have a friend or family member that greets you with a bear hug, physical touch is probably their best expression of love.  They hold on to you just a little longer and wrap their arms around you a little tighter. Their love is all about real contact.  Even if you are not a touchy, feely kind of gal, physical touch is an important part of communicating love. Many research studies show that babies who are held, hugged, and kissed develop a healthier emotional life than those without physical contact. It’s not just true for babies, it’s true for all humans. Go touch.


The affirmation we were given last week or yesterday runs out today.  It seems we can never get too much affirmation.  Words are meant to nurture. Think of the people in your world who are liberal with them.  Being around encouragers makes us all feel loved. Encouragement instills courage and we all need a little of that. Go affirm.

The Ultimate Do List

Get Together

My youngest son has always been an avid game player, from the earliest age. The best way for him to show and receive love is through quality time.  The game is not that important (even though he will make you think it is). He just wants to be at the table with you.  Time together gives us a way to connect.  When you are physically present with me, I feel valued.  Go play.


Some people are marvelous gift givers.  Everyone loves to receive gifts.  There is always one who shows up with the perfect gift — the kind of gift that communicates how much you appreciate that person — love in a box.  I have a niece who speaks this language.  Every gift she gives is carefully thought out, beautifully wrapped and given with enthusiasm.  Everyone feels special when she gives them a gift.  Go give.

The Ultimate Do ListDo

I communicate love by doing — I wash your dishes, vacuum your house, help you accomplish your project.  I love to serve.  You can tell me all day long you love me but it’s the doing that makes me feel loved.  Go serve.

In a world where division has been emphasized, a little more love is our best decision. Appreciate people in a way that includes all of Chapman’s five love language. Go touch, affirm, play, give, and serve.