Often, when we think of unity, we usually visualize the external environment and our hopes for togetherness, agreement, and camaraderie.

For me, when I think of this word, it involves introspection- a check-in I do before I make decisions, small or life-changing ones.  I have always believed that when your mind, heart and soul are aligned, you will do your best work.  These 3 elements are crucial factors for me to consider in any decision. When they are not in unison, I either lose sleep or it stays at the back of my brain nagging me until I find a way to resolve my feelings.

This is the gift women may brush off as not important in that moment.  Each of us can control and decide how to manage time and dedicate a moment to think, re- think and discover what really matters to them.  Time does not wait for anyone.  It moves on even if you decide not to take action– a luxury we may take for granted.

2020 may have slowed us down but it also gave us all many opportunities to see what we took for granted. The freedom to move about our community, our nation, and our world is changed probably for some time to come. The freedom to see your extended family and give them big hugs may return, but not soon enough for me. We may be able to gather again in public spaces, but we will continue to be mindful of cleanliness, maybe forever. Wearing our “beloved masks” may carry through early 2022. Who would have thought we would be entering our bank with a mask?

Unity within me, has allowed me to differentiate what is absolutely necessary from what may be superficial and not needed anymore. We will be revamping our daily regimens, our outlook on life in the new normal, and we hope that it leads us to a simpler and yet meaningful lifestyle.

Let us return to those happier, lighter days very soon. Best wishes to you  as we all look for unity inside and out.