What are sweet dreams made of?

Are dreams visions of a fabulous life easy to achieve?

Do dreams suddenly come to fruition without a second thought?

According to the lyrics to one of my favorite songs “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurthymics:

“Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something”

The something that a person is looking for is the complex part of the dream pursuing equation and it possesses a different answer for every person.

Dreams are sweet but can turn bitter when unfulfilled or never even considered possible in the eyes of a hesitant dreamer.

I have a confession to make I am a relentless dreamer and although my journey is full of unpredictably; I can share some insight on what sweet dreams can be made of.

The following are some of the most poignant lessons I have learned as a dreamer.

  • A dream without an action plan inspires nothing but frustration.
  • A dream is tests of faith in a whirlwind romance of uncertainty and like love don’t give up on what your heart desires because of a few setbacks.
  • A dream is not meant to be shared with everyone for a dreamer to be relentless he or she must tune out the naysayers.
  • A dream is a passionate kiss with your soul when it’s connected to your life’s purpose.
  • A dream takes time to fully happen so take heed to the ten thousand hours rule of intentional practice and study to become an expert at your craft.
  • You will soon realize that sometimes a stranger will support your dreams more than someone you actually know.
  • There is a dreamer before you who has gone through the same type of highs and lows you are experiencing so recognize that it’s a small price to pay to live your dream.
  • Dreams evolve don’t be afraid of allowing the process to turn you more and more into beautiful versions of your highest enlightened self.
  • It takes teamwork to make the dream work so form alliances and seek assistance in creating the master plan for executing your dreams.
  • Take a step daily to become closer to your dream and celebrate your progress.

There are a lot more potential lessons I will certainly learn in my continuous pursuit of my sweet dreams. I never desire to stop learning or dreaming.

My mother always says, “I pray all of your dreams come true.” I find comfort in those words during the peaks and valleys of my very own dream chasing.

It is my hope that you find some form of comfort to keep it moving as you strive toward the fulfillment of your sweet dreams.

As a final note from the Eurthymics song “Sweet Dreams” states,

“Hold your head up, movin’ on, keep your head up, movin’ on”

Now that you know what sweet dreams are made of and that everybody is looking for something different. Remember to continue to hold your head up and keep it moving to become closer to your own sweet dreams.