We’re a family of 5.  Me, my husband, one daughter and two sons.  Family means we stick together.  There are good moments and bad moments.  Even through the bad moments, we support each other with lots of hugs and telling each other how much we are loved.  My family has seen me through all my failures and helped me to dust myself off, and stand up and try again.  They teach me what it means to be resilient and keep fighting for my dreams.  We are each unique and bring so much to the table, literally, at the dinner table.  We enjoy preparing and eating meals together; Clean up and dishes? – Not so much!  We pray together, sing together, laugh and cry together.  And through it all, we live each day with fun and spirit.

We have a few fun things that we enjoy doing together, including Family Fun night.  We like to make pizza from scratch and watch a movie or play board games.  It’s a great way to be together and have a great time as a family.  One of our favorite winter traditions is making ginger bread cookies.  The smell of the cookies fills the air in our home and it just smells like love.

Our family is unique because we have a lot of culture represented in our roots.  I’m a first generation Canadian and my parents are from India.  My husband has roots that go back to France, with French Canadian history sprinkled in.  We get to learn about different parts of the world in life and at school. It’s a wonderful thing, knowing that we can be so unique and that we still all come together into one beautiful family.

Each of the children are getting their own personalities now, so it’s nice to see how they fit into our little family.  We know that each one of us is never alone.  Family means that someone has always got your back.  There is always someone rooting for you, praying for you, and lifting you up.  Family makes you stronger.  Family is a love like no other. It’s a bond that can never be broken.