Have you ever felt that LIFE has given up on YOU?

When EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING seems to be going the wrong direction.
And you feel that you may as well give up on LIFE TOO!

Can I tell YOU that ITS NOT OVER and to NOT GIVE UP!

You see even though the circumstances you are facing, seem difficult and insurmountable, I believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with FAITH, the RIGHT ATTITUDE and MINDSET!

I’m not suggesting that you won’t have mental (and maybe even some physical) fits of anguish and rage, along with the moments of tearful pain, but what I am saying, is that, if you hold on to the belief that LIFE won’t get any better, than quite simply IT WON’T!

You see, I BELIEVE that we ARE, what we THINK and what we SAY!

Two of the most powerful tools are the “mind” and the “mouth.”

The greatest inventions and discoveries have come from the minds of some of the most incredible inventors, scientist, artist, athletes, and individuals, just like you and me! You can’t tell me that these individuals didn’t hit a brick wall or two, or even three. But what I do believe, is that some of the world’s GREATEST champions, leaders and individuals are those who persevered even in the face of turmoil.

I’m not suggesting it will be EASY under any circumstance, but what I am saying, is that, if you CHOOSE to give up, you will never realize the potential you have on the inside and you will never live out your PURPOSE AND DESTINY. I also believe that every person on this earth was designed to fulfill a PURPOSE that only he or she can fulfill. Oftentimes we fight against this purpose or run as far away as possible, from facing what we were designed to do.

We know deep inside the passions that burn, even when no one is looking or listening, we know what gets us stimulated and what also brings us to tears. The kind of tears that we feel even after the initial pain has likely stopped for the moment. You know the one I’m talking about.I want to encourage every reader who this message is resonating with, to decide right now that you will put on your armor of resilience and take a stand against failure, fear and giving up.

That you will look yourself in the mirror and no matter how difficult the circumstance seems, you will tell yourself, “I’M NOT GIVING UP! I’M WORTH THE FIGHT and I HAVE SOMETHING THE WORLD NEEDS!”

Then everyday create a word or a phrase that you can repeat, that will remind you, not to give up. Place a visual in the mirror, it could even be as small as a sticky note, to remind yourself that YOU ARE HERE FOR A PURPOSE AND A DESTINY THAT NONE ELSE CAN FULFILL BUT YOU!

Then, surround yourself with positive people and listen to encouraging messages. But also ensure that you are being a ray of positivity yourself! One of the ways you can begin to do this, is by being selective with the things you say. Say what you want to become, say what you want to see, say what you want, whatever it may be, SAY IT.

But choose your words carefully, because words have power and once we say them, we can’t take them back. I’ll never forget what a dear friend, once said to me, “Words are like toothpaste, once we say them, they are squeezed out and they can’t be put back in.”

Decide today that you will use ALL THE FAITH that YOU HAVE!