Getting a discount or negotiating the price on something is an easy way to stretch your dollar.  In the US culture we are not taught to negotiate or haggle for most things, but with a few tricks you can get a discount without any confrontation.

Monthly Bills

One of the first targets for a discount is reviewing your monthly bills.  Are you on a competitive utility plan?  Are you using all those cable channels?  Is your cell phone bill out of control?  Call us your providers and use this simple script.

Hi Electric Company, I was reviewing my bill and researched my rate.  It looks high when compared to what I can get from Other Electric Company.  Do you have any discounts you can add to my bill?  Is there a new plan available to me?

Also consider threatening to leave, but only if you really will.  Using this tactic can take time on the phone because you will likely be bounced around internally to the customer retention department.

Hi Cell Phone Company, I saw an advertisement from Other Cell Phone Company that they were offering unlimited data.  Do you have something like that?  No?  Well I need to speak with someone about cancelling my account.

Online Comparison

With so much at our fingertips doing online research has never been easier.  Here are a few favorites for comparing prices, coupons and saving more.

Don’t get tempted in saving so much money you spend more money than you intended, personal experience.

Big Ticket Items

Big ticket items like a new TV or car should be researched online and then again in person.  Establish a relationship with a sales person.  Sales professionals often have access to additional discounts or could add something for free to sweeten the overall deal.  Also be sure to compare larger annual expenditures like homeowner’s insurance.  Take a bit of time to call around and make sure you are getting the best price.

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