This week a client asked if activities like walking on hot coals and breaking arrows against your throat, work.  Yes, but so can taking any action despite a limiting belief; despite discomfort – either mental or physical.

I’m delighted with my new Slo*Fit workout.  After a three-year absence from the gym, my muscles are once again getting strong:  In only 30 minutes a week!  Check it out at: The Power 10: Once-A-Week- Slow Motion Fitness.  So, what do fire-walking and Slo*Fit have in common?  Discomfort!

"Success requires being comfortable being uncomfortable"

Lifting weights causes tiny microtears in the muscle fibers, which the body repairs, adapting the muscles to better handle the stimulus that caused the damage. This is the process by which muscles grow.

Personal growth happens in much the same way.  Tiny micro-tears in our ego, habits and belief systems are also uncomfortable and cause us to adapt.  And like with exercise, it is consistent and aligned action, despite the discomfort, that causes growth.  True power emerges from awareness.

"The mind, once expanded to a dimension of larger ideas, never returns to its original size ~ O.W. Holmes"

When lifting weights, as soon as there is resistance you feel a ‘burn’.  The same is true with changing a long-held belief or self image.  There is a ‘burn’.  Some call it fear; some call it procrastination; some call it the edge of a comfort zone.  I call it growth!

When you notice yourself resisting something, even as simple as making a phone call or talking to someone new; consider its good news.  Know it’s simply resisting growth and it doesn’t mean you should stop.  You can ACT, rather than cancelling your membership.

Here are some reasons Slo*Fit works for me.  I hope they spark ideas that help you stay with a new habit despite the ‘burn’.

  1. Find a proven SYSTEM. When you trust the system will work, you stop wasting mental energy doubting or tweaking the system.
  2. Love the DISCIPLINE. Really love the routine rather than seeing it as a boring requirement.
  3. Hire a COACH. Humans are designed to work in   Stop fighting your instinct to work as a team; even a team of two.
  4. Have SKIN IN THE GAME. Unless you like burning hundred dollar bills, putting something you really value at risk keeps you coming back.
  5. Adopt BEGINNER’S MIND. Be curious about your growth.  Expect discomfort and notice it doesn’t last….humm.
  6. Have FUN. What if acting despite discomfort could be fun?  OK, this one might take some time.  Loop back to #3 as a way to transform discomfort into fun.

Whether designing your body or your life, embracing some discomfort is the gateway to possibility.  I'd love to hear your comments.