Stress is like flatulence, it is unpredictable, it can cause discomfort, and it stinks! Unlike flatulence, that has over-the-counter medicine options that can relieve gas instantly, stress doesn’t have that “quick fix” or does it?

I handle stress in several different ways. Some conventional and some unconventional. Prior to a major life altering event 30 years ago, I, like most people, let stress takeover situations which made me reactionary. The stress would cause mental chaos and figuring out the trigger point of the situation was almost non-existent. However, ever since December 2016, I have handled stress differently.

One way I reduce my stress is to take a deep breath in, close my eyes, and slowly let my breath out through my mouth. For me, this helps me bring my mind to a center point. I am then able to take issues one at a time. I no longer let the stress cause havoc in my mind. I’ve learned that I don’t think well if my mind is going through an F-5 tornado.

Another way I reduce stress is to look up. I am not trying to convert anyone to any religion, nor am I going to stand on a soap box and tell you to praise anyone or anything. This isn’t my lane to enter. I am a Christian. I (the optimal pronoun here) find that when my life is going upside down and every which way, I just start talking. Perhaps hearing the issue out loud is calming or maybe, just maybe, for those believers, I am being heard and help is being provided.

Also, listen to upbeat music. DANCE! DANCE NAKED! SING OUT LOUD, LAUGH! While the stress in your life may not make you want to dance, do it anyway. Whether one song or several songs, you will stop letting stress win for however long you decide to listen.

Lastly, don’t be a victim to your stress. Whatever you are going through, it probably seems that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I speak from experience that there IS a light! I have had money issues, I have had health issues, I have had family issues, etc. However, if you are a victim and just lie down and take what you are given, you will continue to live a stress filled life.

Make a conscience effort to stay strong, stay positive even if the situation won’t allow it. Try to find a positive in the stressful situation. Be stronger than the situation! Have confidence!

Breathe! A lot of illnesses thrive on stress.

Just remember, you’ve got this!