2020 Started Out With Such Hope and a Year of Abundance.

We started this year with the best of intentions, to take in each moment and reach for our bigger goals and intentions. Now, speaking of STRESS, each of us is living in an era that no one could have imagined on January 1st.

We are barraged with hourly news on the Corona-Virus (COVID-19) and what to do and not to do to protect ourselves and our families. On top of this global pandemic we also are witnessing a showdown with oil producing countries, regions which conspired to topple the global economy and each of our retirement and investment accounts.

So let’s talk about today’s STRESSES and how we may cope with this once in lifetime event (we hope!).

The first thing I think about is how much control or lack thereof do I have in this situation. In our state and county, we are in a ‘Shelter In Place’ mode except for essential businesses and operations, meaning most of us will work from home and only go out for food, or essential services needed. We all love control and certainty, and now that is not possible in this timeframe.

That makes my world, my family’s world, pretty small and I can handle that. I own and run a small business which can be run remotely and we can take care of most actions without human interaction. I am very concerned about the global economy, however; its out of my control. I can invest my time to look through this temporary black swan event, and focus on how to help my clients manage as we all live through the next month and the next quarter.

If you can, check the media and the stock market just once a day (okay twice a day) to keep your mind focused on your business, your family matters, and the  challenges that you need to take care of that day. When we stay in the moment with what we know and what we have to do, that will make us more productive and feel in control. Keep your mind clear of distractions like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and some of the other social media traps. When life returns to normal, then return to other media.

The most important stress reliever is fresh air and exercise. Since our gyms are closed for social distancing, we can take time to run, walk, or jog in the fresh air and take those ear plugs out and enjoy this moment of exercise!