Gandhi said, ” Be Truthful, Gentle and Fearless”

But what does that quote mean for a woman at work or in a leadership position?

Truthful – At work it means standing up for what is right, but at the same time not making a political mess of things. There is a fine line between doing the right thing for the company and holding personal integrity. If asked to cross the line in business – don’t. There is no price on honor.

Truth also means truth. Not one’s perception or opinion of truth. My mother used to say, ” There is his side, your side and somewhere in the middle is the truth”

Gentle – Ah, gentleness. A tall order for the power chick. Fear of being run over or manipulated, power woman (like myself) have a hard time with  being gentle.

Gentle at work means just that. Gentle with delivering hard news to a struggling employee. Gentle in telling the client they are wrong. Gentle in the way we handle ourselves in meeting. It’s having strength in being quiet. It’s seeing what goes on in the office, but not always having to step over boundaries and control everything around them. It does not mean being a wallflower or a door mat. There is great power in being still. And sometimes stillness is needed. As is being gentle with others and situations.

Fearless – The topic this month is fearless living. Fearless living doesn’t mean haphazard or wreck-less living. Instead it means swallowing the fear and doing it anyway. You are only as small as you allow yourself to be. Inside you there is a place who you really are, which is separate from your skills, your personality and your title at work.

So this month try something new to live fearless. What would that mean to you?

Would it mean speaking up in the staff meeting?

Would it mean trying to learn something new?

Would it mean getting the courage to find a new job? Make more money? Ask for the raise?

For most of us, fear is the only thing that stops us.

But remember: fear is only a product that your mind creates.

It is not real and it has no power in itself.


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