Lora Whatley7Have you ever wanted to do something like take up a new hobby or find a new owner? 

Well, I am here to say “DON’T DELAY”!! I was picked up on the rough streets of Lora WhatleySouthlake, on the prowl, looking to make a change in my life. My picture was posted on petfinder.com by the North Richland Hills Animal Shelter. My new Mom saw me online one morning and took a chance on me. Boy am I glad. I had been waiting on my furever home for about 3 weeks. Look at me now!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be writing an article with my dewclaws getting in my way, while typing on this laptop.Lora Whatley5


I enjoy living a “fearless” life. It is invigorating. Had I not taken a chance, I would not get dressed up for Halloween, in Superman capes, or just because it is a Tuesday afternoon in September. When you’re riding in the car, stick your head out the window as far as it will go, and let the wind blow through your ears!!

Lora Whatley9

Lora Whatley2My favorite quote that runs through my mind if I Lora Whatley3am hesitating on a decision is “Fate loves the fearless.” So, follow your nose, keep it to the ground, and know that you will land exactly where you need to be. You have survived everything life has handed you thus far, so what’s a little more excitement!!


Embrace each individual you meet, because you never know….they could just become a new member of your pack!! Even though we all have different coat colors, background stories, live indoors or out, sniff every nose (and whatever else makes you happy), and wag your tail often, because we all have things to teach each other!!

Lora Whatley6

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