Boldness can be expressed as breaking out, standing up and pushing back—just like Wonder Woman does! She may have the advantage of special superhuman strength, speed—and that indestructible sword and shield. Yet, we can all take flight like her—in both our personal and professional lives…

Think about how you can:

1) Break out—As a twin sister of a twin brother, I learned early on about sexism and sexual stereotypes. My family thought I did not need college—as my brother did. I just needed to get an office job. My girlfriends were all headed to universities, so I chose to break the mold—and out of our small town—and follow them! I went to a big city where I expanded my horizons—both personally and professionally. I never looked back.

2) Stand up—My dream was to be a journalist so I ‘reframed’ my required high school classes in stenography and typing—as essential skills for a reporter, rather than as a secretary. When the women’s rights movement exploded in the 1970’s, my own Mother stood up to sign my college loan papers for which I will always be grateful. I became the first in my family to complete a college degree and follow my dream of being a writer.

3) Push back—When I interviewed for my first newspaper job, the male editor wanted me to write about fashion and food—neither of which interested me. I pushed back and instead, got hired as an independent stringer to cover news and personal feature stories. I was to refine this pattern of crossing boundaries over the years. My professional path has often been to be the first female on an all-male staff. I often brought new perspectives, asked tough questions and led innovative change. And yes, I went on to get a PhD!

Be Wonder Woman bold to reach new heights!