If the past year has taught me one thing, it has been this: Big wheels do indeed keep on turning.

An Event Planner who, within 48 hours, lost every contract she had lined up for the entire year, turned the Wheel, and began supporting her clients to host online events.

A Restaurant Owner who, faced with unprecedented losses, turned the Wheel and decided to retire.

A Friend who had been planning a “big fat Greek wedding” turned the Wheel and had a “scrawny Greek wedding” instead.

Plans were changed. Futures, once they arrived in the Present, were not at all what folks had imagined them to be.


That Big Wheel just kept on turning.

Babies were born.

Businesses were started.

Ingenuity took centre-stage.

And many of us found ourselves feeling more at Home than ever before.

Within our own Hallowed Halls here within my company, Las Peregrinas, our entire Team felt that Big Ol’ Wheel a-turning.

Two of us moved house.

Two of us had babies – some furry, some human.

One of us embarked on a new College adventure.

With each of these Turnings, there were a mix of emotions: The goodbyes to the past, the uncertainty about the future, the late-night wondering of “what have I done?!?”  

But there was also excitement. Anticipation. Wondering aloud about what might come next. What adventure may await around that next bend.

I know, Dear Reader, that your life, too, has been full of Turnings of that Big Wheel. I know that there have been moments of fear and sadness, anger and worry, despair and disappointment. 

I know you’ve had to say goodbye to people, and places, and Things That Might Have Been.

And I also know that you’ve done this Before. That on your Path, you’ve experienced more Turnings than perhaps even I can imagine.

And so it is that I know you also know that feeling of excitement that I speak of. That kernel of a giggle that resides deep within when you lace up your shoes and strap on your back pack, once more setting out into the Great Unknown.

It is this feeling that my colleagues and I are relishing in this moment. All of us grateful for the Path that brought us Here. Each of us blessing the “what might have beens.” And the whole lot of us giggling a little in anticipation of what is to come.

This is Business, Dear Reader. This is, indeed, the thing we call LIFE. And oh, how glorious it truly is.