Would you believe that by quietly meditating and visualizing performing a task, we stimulate our brain more than if we were actually doing it?

Studies done by Guang Yue show our brain creating new pathways while in a relaxed state: during meditation or hypnosis.

We benefit from this knowledge by understanding how important it is to take time to relax and spend quiet time running through a process we are trying to excel in.

This works in a multitude of different areas:

1. A “ to do list”:

We can use it for daily goals, in which imagining everything we have to accomplish for the following day. Go through each goal and imagine doing it successfully. Become aware of what needs to be accomplished. Visualize each goal and have a better understanding of the time required to accomplish the goals. This helps with organization and motivation.

2. Handling stressful situations:

We can use it to imagining how to handle different situations we are facing that may be stressful including: dating, work related situations or relationships. Run through it mentally and imagine different scenarios, handling it calmly and confidently. As we become ready for the situation our brain feels like we have experienced it already.

3. Sports:

Athletes use this technique to imagine themselves playing and performing at their peak performance level. They are able to able to shut out distractions, let go of any anxiety and become laser focused so the nature athletic ability is in full force.

4. Pressure situations:

In business this can be very helpful if we need to give a presentation to a client or a group. Placing us mentally in the situation, calm confident and in charge feeling all of the sensations and visualizing the entire presentation in our mind. Considering different scenarios, so we are prepared for a variety of responses.

This technique works in any situation to help strengthen ability and confidence.

Hypnosis makes this technique more effective because the brain is at a deeper level of relaxation. At a deeper level of relaxation change is up to 200 times easier than on your own.

Our minds are wonderful tools to use for our benefit!