Are you “clearly defining” what you want in your life?

Webster’s Dictionary states “clear” as (verb) to make free of confusion, doubt, or uncertainty; (adv) in an understandable or distinct manner; (noun) easily understood; without ambiguity.

Webster’s Thesaurus synonyms for “define” include: ascertain, assign, call a spade a spade, characterize, construe, decide, describe, designate, detail, determine, exemplify, explain, expound, formalize, illustrate, interpret, label, lay it out, nail it down, name, prescribe, represent, specify, spell out, translate.

Often people cannot determine exactly what it is that they want in their lives.

If you happen to find yourself in this predicament and don’t know what move comes next, step back and take the focus off of yourself for a minute.

Make a concerted effort to reach out and help someone else. It is often through acts of selflessness, that we find out where we should be and what our next action steps require.

When we take the focus off of ourselves for a moment and reach out to someone else in need; oftentimes a depth of clarity and definition comes into our own lives. 

Now its up to you to determine, believe, act upon, and receive what you want.