Centered on Your Purpose and Passion

Taking your first full time position after college graduation is a big accomplishment in today’s global economy.! Many of our young people obtain additional degrees and certifications in order to start their careers, as well as to climb the “ladder” as well. Being a maturing Baby Boomer, our job market for many years, was quite different and certainly the expectations by employer and employee were much different.  Many of us expected work for one employer and retire with a gold watch and a pension!

Today, our job market , while plentiful now, with a 3.8% unemployment, is  quite different then when I graduated.  Today, my feeling is that the employee has to be more self reliant, as  jobs are no longer  “promised for life”, with a pension for life. Employee benefits can be more expensive and often the employee must participate in the cost of coverage.  Today’s young job seeker  needs to be more mindful and really learn to take care of themselves first.

5 Tips to Start Your Career and Manage It Along your Life’s Journey

  1. Know your purpose and passion. Set a goal to find your first job, that is as close to what you really want to do in life. We say at the end of the day, did you make an impact on someone, a process, a product/service that fulfills you as well as your employer! Yes, there are times, when filling the bank account is #1 priority and passion takes a back seat, but don’t let that go on forever.  Your soul will suffer in the long run.
  2. Keep an open mind to learning and growing your skills on the job as well as in life.  You will find that self-development is the key to advancement in the workforce as well as increasing your bank account.
  1. Reach out and find mentors and like-minded colleagues to keep you on track with your goals at work and personally. Keep track of your goals and focus on what your big dreams are.  Keep a journal  or online tracking system.
  1. There are more ways to earn a living, design your ideal lifestyle, in today’s economy, using the power of the global market and advancements in technology, as well as changes in the way we consume the products and services we like.  Perhaps working for yourself is the best way for you to pursue your “career” in business.
  1. Your raw talent, attitude and mindset will serve and support you as you build your career, or your business.  Continued learning, growing and making that bigger impact on your customers, clients, community and your family will carry you for many, many years. Know that your EQ, emotional quotient is just as important as your IQ, to your career and personal advancement.
  1. Bonus Tip:  Experience is a good thing. Every job you get is more experience and working in more positions with more coworkers and more employers is only going to give you more diverse experiences. Keep building your career and personal resume with these experiences. You will be thrilled with the experiences along   your journey. I know I was!