I recently launched the release of my memoir, Relentless: A Journey of Forgiveness, out into the ethers of the world via Amazon- where all things necessary can be found. I never had a burning desire to be a writer, only an internal suggestion from the universe that I do so. It was a debut that was four years in the making and its beginnings were quite humble.

I use the term ‘humble’ because I have taken not one writing course, except what I was offered in high school. In fact, my computer skills were so poor that I had to ask my youngest son to teach me how to copy, cut and paste. It has a become something I’ve mastered, but only after following the instructions I had initially written down for myself during my son’s tutorial. In fact, I didn’t even know if my words were intelligible as I had never before read them out loud to others.

So you see, I was quite ill prepared to take on the creation of a book. I was not blind to that truth, but instead I paid it no mind because that truth did nothing to serve me in my purpose of sharing my journey with others. My only plan was to begin.

I did not nothing conventionally. And by that I mean that 1) I did not set time aside each day to write, 2) I hadn’t formulated the main ideas or theme of my book, 3) I only wrote when I felt pulled to do so, 4) I did not write in chapters but instead vignettes, 5) each writing entry had nothing to do with the one before or after it, and 6) when I felt complete with my initial entries I printed the lot of them and literally cut them into sections with scissors in the hopes of creating some connection amongst them all. In time I sought editorial help from others and dared to speak out loud the words I had so haphazardly typed.

And it worked. I did not have any clear path or goal in mind other than to take one step and then another, without the aid of a step-by-step guide. Those millions of baby steps took me here to tell you of my crooked path to my newfound role as an author.

My memoir is as perfect as its creator, which of course means it is not perfect at all but is instead “perfectly imperfect”. By that I mean my story and sharing is authentic because I approached only with the intent to remain true to myself and my voice. You will see the flaws in my character as well as my strengths- which I believe stands true for my writing as well.

Some have called me courageous and others might prefer the adjective audacious. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. However you choose to label it, I tell you my unconventional path so that you know it is available to you as well- whatever the universe might be calling you to do.

Get out of your head and your own way. Cease with the “shoulds” and the “musts”. It seems to me that train of thought can do nothing but halt, or at the very least limit, moving forward. Forward is the only word that is of importance. “What do I need to do today?” (At times the answer is ‘nothing’ as our work sometimes requires simmering.) is a fabulous question and guiding principle versus the mantra, “Let me get all my ducks in a row.” Ducks don’t always cooperate and I have found that where you are headed and how you will get there is revealed and available when its time comes.

And so, I encourage you to do what it is “they”, and you, fear cannot be done. Find the spark of audacity that we were all born with and fuel it with thoughts of, “Of course I can,” and, “Yes, I will.” And then, as Nike suggests, just do it.

Be well and happy.

My Memoir: http://tinyurl.com/Relentlessbyspringer