Encouragement is priceless. We all love an unexpected tender thank you note or a surprise bouquet of flowers. But when a friend takes the time to give support or speak a word of confidence into us, it’s priceless. Surrounding ourselves with people like that is a key to a fulfilling life.

Encourage Yourself

While external encouragement is invaluable, self-encouragement is equally crucial. We are our own worst critics, continually focusing on our shortcomings rather than celebrating our successes. Here are a few tips for cultivating self-encouragement.

  • Embrace a Growth Mindset. Adopting a growth mindset is fundamental to self-encouragement. Understanding that failures and setbacks are simply stepping stones to growth changes our perspective. Instead of dwelling on mistakes, viewing them as opportunities for improvement and personal development will leave us encouraged. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser.
  • Set Realistic Goals. I’m all for taking on a big goal. And at the same time, establishing realistic and achievable goals is essential for maintaining motivation and feeling encouraged. Breaking down larger goals into smaller, actionable steps is so much more do-able than seeing the huge objective and being overwhelmed. By focusing on incremental progress, we build confidence and maintain a positive mindset.
  • Practice Self-Compassion. We’re compassionate with just about everyone with only one exception — ourselves. Being purposeful about acknowledging our efforts and successes, no matter how small will keep us encouraged. Embrace self-compassion by recognizing we are human and mistakes are part of the learning process. Be gentle with yourself. Gentle compassion is always encouraging.
  • Surround Yourself with Positivity. Mentors, friends, colleagues who uplift and inspire are the best. They inspire and encourage without even knowing it. You deserve to be surrounded by people and environments who support your growth. Go out and find them. If you are in Fort Worth, I want to personally invite you to meet a group of ladies who get together for lunch every month. You will no doubt leave inspired.


Encourage Others

As we encourage ourselves, we have the power to uplift and inspire others. Here are a few ideas for encouraging those around you.

  • Express Genuine Appreciation. A simple note of encouragement, a heartfelt compliment, or publicly acknowledging achievements can go a long way to boost confidence and motivation. Empowered women empower women, right?
  • Offer Support. Extend a helping hand to people in your network when they are navigating challenges or are early in their careers. Sharing our experiences can contribute to the growth an empowerment of the collective.
  • Create a Supportive Network. Collaborate with upbeat, positive women to exchange knowledge and provide encouragement. Building a community of support fosters a sense of belonging and amplifies the voices of professional women. The Plaid Impact lunch in downtown Fort Worth is a great example of that.

Encouragement is defined as giving someone support, confidence or hope. Encouragement transforms lives. Cultivating our own self-encouragement puts us in a position to be an encouragement to others. Go ahead encourage yourself!