Time does not wait for anyone.  

You’re not always prepared for life, and life does not wait for you. 

To en-courage someone is to infuse them with courage. Some people do this with gentle responses: a nod, a smile, a gracious allowance for a minor oversight. Other people will clap as loud as possible or tackle you with hugs. No matter the gesture, encouragement pushes people to move forward toward their goals by lifting their spirits.

The ability to accept encouragement is your own. People are not cheering you on because they think you’re weak. Let that sink in and just respond with a simple thank you. Encouragement boosts your self-esteem which is what people need in challenging situations.

Especially when you are alone, this strikes us as the most important time to allow for encouragement.  This is when you downplay the negatives and train your brain to cross them out.  Train your brain to find solutions for the obstacles instead of stopping altogether.  Believe in yourself along the way, whether it’s a small accomplishment or a large one. 

Nobody expects you to move mountains in one day, so don’t be ashamed of taking your time. Celebrate the progress, as well as the journey, because you did not give up.

To en-courage is a gift.  Pass it on and accept it with humility and a full heart.

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