Minutes before renowned spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, was about to take off in flight from Europe to the USA, his phone rang. He was on his way to Washington, D.C . for multiple private and public events, including a gathering of Congressional leaders and veterans of war on Capitol Hill.

A key volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation, was on the other line. She was urgently seeking Sri Sri’s presence at a gathering of community leaders, to address the civil unrest and violence in Baltimore, Maryland, following the death of a 25-year old African American man, who died under police supervision. In spite of an incredibly hectic schedule over two short days in Washington, Sri Sri readily agreed.

Chaotic civil unrest had reached its peak in the aftermath of the April 19th arrest and subsequent death, of, Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr., who had been arrested for what police alleged, was an illegal switchblade. He had fallen into a coma while being transported in a police van, from spinal cord injuries sustained during transport and died on April 19th.

Mr. Gray’s death resulted in ongoing protests and civil disorder throughout the city of Baltimore. His funeral had taken place the day before Sri Sri’s arrival in DC, and by the time his plane landed, the intense civil unrest in Baltimore had escalated to a fever pitch. Intense looting was taking place, along with the burning of local businesses, arrests and numerous injuries among citizens and police.

The Governor of Maryland declared a state of emergency calling in the National Guard and invoking a night curfew to protect its citizens.


I had the honor to attend the intimate gathering of community leaders and youth activists hosted by the International Association for Human Values with the Art of Living Foundation. It was held at the International Center for Peace and Meditation in Washington D.C, founded by Sri Sri.

A young entrepreneur shared his experience from the evening when the most intense looting and violence had taken place in Baltimore. He handed out water, urged people to calm down, helped to clean up the aftermath and slept in his store that night.

Figure Patti Montella & Baltimore Youth Activists, 4.30.15

Figure Patti Montella & Baltimore Youth Activists, 4.30.15


He believes the unequal distribution of government resources for small business owners, particularly African Americans, is adding to the cycle of poverty and violence in Baltimore.

Sri Sri listened intently, quietly giving everyone a chance to share his/her perspective on the current situation.

A dynamic and charismatic young man, with a confident and peaceful presence feels strongly that the violence in Baltimore today started long before Freddie Gray’s arrest and death under police custody; it’s the result of 400 years of oppression toward the African American community, which was never taken into account when the country was formed. He is ready and willing to help lead the way for positive social change, through peaceful means.

A young and articulate woman felt the media was creating a sensational and false picture of the community. She had observed the media filming abandoned areas of the city, during the night curfew imposed by the Governor, in order to create a false sense of fear. She had seen parents and family members being harassed by police officers while trying to walk their children safely home.

A middle-aged woman echoed the same. She asked Sri Sri to help the children to overcome the trauma of the civil unrest by sharing some of his meditation and breathing techniques with the community.

“I’m glad you brought this up. This is a very important point,” Sri Sri emphasized. “We must take care of the children as we go forward.”He also referenced the stress and trauma relief programs for Criminal Justice officials his foundation has conducted in Washington, D.C.,and other cities throughout the USA.


I was a little girl in the 1960’s during the Vietnam war and the civil rights movement in America. For years, I watched news images of peaceful protests, young men returning in coffins from war, violent riots and protesting students attacked by tear-gas on campus.

It was a frightening time.

I’ll always remember the day JFK was assassinated, followed by Robert Kennedy Junior and Martin Luther King. All three lives cut short as they strove to bring about civil rights in the USA. I never imagined 50 years later, I’d witness even more violence across the country.

Yet, there is hope.

Everyone seemed at home in Sri Sri’s presence. He is, afterall, an icon for universal love who naturally spreads peace and joy worldwide.

Meaningful, open and peaceful dialogue easily flowed, as the seeds for a happier and more peaceful Baltimore were planted.

Figure Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Baltimore Community Leaders, 4.30.15

Figure Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Baltimore Community Leaders, 4.30.15


The meeting was short yet impactful as Sri Sri had yet another flight, destined this time for his meditation retreat center in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. Thousands were anxiously awaiting his arrival.

Afterward, the event attendees happily began organizing donation-based Art of Living stress-relief programs for the city of Baltimore, along with community leadership training initiatives.

May 1, 2015, the Baltimore City State Attorney Office filed criminal charges against the six Baltimore police officers six officers believed to be involved in Mr. Gray’s death. May 3rd the night curfew was lifted. And as of this article, the U.S. Department of Justice has launched, a full-scale civil rights investigation into Baltimore’s police department.

I can only pray that this time we will go beyond words and put into action the timeless wisdom of non-violent conflict resolution passed down to us by the extraordinary beings of peace, we are privileged to walk the planet with.


If not now, when?



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