Will focus on less of something bring more of its opposite? I believe that you get more of what you expect and that the words you use indicate exactly what you are expecting. When we want something it causes us to be on the “look-out” for that THAT thing.  Many experience this when deciding on a special model and color of new car.   As your anticipation grows you can see and feel every detail of that car.  Even before the purchase imagining yourself seated behind the wheel enjoying that “new car smell”.  Although the numbers of that model/color combination on the road have not increased, those cars start to appear everywhere! Once told to be on the lookout for that car the subconscious mind went to work with the intention of finding that emotionally charged image, and successfully created more opportunities for you to see that car. Much like a natural law attention and intention predict outcomes Whether it’s a new car, a vision aligning your business toward a desired future or a personal dream, focused attention and persistent-consistent action in that direction are undeniable predictors of results. Adding heightened emotion and vivid images, “as if” the imagined experience has already happened, ensures that you will notice when THAT thing crosses your path.  Much like gravity, whether you believe, understand or practice directing your attention, it is working all the time and your results are the indicator.  Fortunately or unfortunately, results show.  How can you really tell where you are focusing your attention? The words you use reveal your direction Imagine you’re talking to a friend or colleague about your desire for more money, saying “I want to pay off my credit card debt”.  This sure sounds like an effective way to talk about what you want.  But what are you actually focused on with that statement? What if, even though you truly desire to be debt-free, using this statement amplifies your focus on debt?  YIKES!  Is it even slightly possible for this statement to shift your attention to debt; exactly the opposite of what you want? Your words are like mental rehearsal, so be sure you practice the exact outcome you desire Will focus on less debt create opportunities, like the car example, to cross paths with more money?  Or could shifting your focus to words and actions that invite money change your results?   Maybe you could start by telling your friend about your desire for financial freedom.   Where are you placing your attention today?  


JoAnne Marceau

Certified Transformational Coach