I close my eyes

breathe in deep.

Chaos of this world reminds me.

Stop & Go

Go & Stop

Gets all so much.

Let me go

Let me be

The busyness that drives this globe.

The need to be something big;

Something bold

Somewhat unique

a story to be told.

Yet when striving ceases

In breathes solace

And engulfs peace

for the beauty of simplicity.

Don’t stay too busy for


helps find beauty from within

rather than just all around.

Often let down

By stop & go

Go & stop.

Not until stillness

Does potential unfold.

Painstaking seconds

appearing stagnant

As we bloom underneath.

Dirty roots & darkness

No longer our enemy.

Rest assured;

Your stem is shooting

Your bulb building

Leaves unfolding

Your garden is blooming.

Others so in a rush they forget

To stop to admire you.

Fear not.

For the right ones see the elegance you possess.

Gawk at your beauty in the stillness;

Frame your petals inside their heart to use as hope for days to come.

The sun shines where you are.

No condition

No awards

No expectations

Come in stillness & truth

For just as you are

Is far more than any can behold.

Finer than threads of gold

You belong here

With no explanation of why.