Happy New Year! Here we are in 2024.

It came faster than I anticipated and last year went by like a flash. It feels like we are in the movie Groundhog Day this time of year when we seem to be in this loop of doing the same thing, over and over again and living out the same experience.

You know it’s January when everyone wants to overhaul their life. We buy into the hype and begin eating salads. We talk about losing that 20-50lbs, going to the gym and reading those self help books we heard about. This has been done before, more times than we can recall. And did they work? Did that goal come to fruition? Did you lose that 20-50lbs or become a  more patient person?  I am not here to criticize or point out the obvious, but if we both are being honest, the answer is NO. 

Believe me you are not alone. I am right there with you friend. I have been on this groundhog day loop myself for most of my life.

But no more!

I actually want to see some different things in my life and practice the tools that I will need to get the job done!

So what do we need to change?

We must change what we are doing to get out of the loop and onto the new way. We must increase our potential of experiencing the new outcome we hope to see. But we have to start deeper. Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem at the same level of mind it was created.” And that is what needs to change— our level of mind.

What exactly does this mean, Einstein?

I believe the answer is we have to change our mind. If I want to create better health or relationships I have to change the  beliefs that I have had all my life. They no longer work. But I also need to change the level of my mind that created the problem to a higher level that can actually find the solution. This means I need to go within to find the solution from my higher self.

Remember last month we talked about learning to listen. Listening to ourself and that spirit inside for the answer to life’s dilemmas. This is the higher level of mind that we need to listen to so that we will be successful this year. 

Aspire for Higher Goals

It is normal and actually completely human to want more and aspire for higher goals and ways of living. We are here to heal and evolve to our most perfected selves. So continue to seek better health, healthier more connected relationships, and more abundance and security.

This year, let’s approach things differently. Instead of just doing the cute vision boards among our girlfriends, wine and charcuterie boards, we are going to meditate on what is best for us. Find the vision within that brings peace and excitement for our future and allow ourselves to daydream. Become inspired by that image we are given.  This year we are not going to doubt or put up resistance for why it can’t happen. We will focus on what it is and how we feel when it comes into full manifestation.

Our minds are powerful electrical instruments. When we learn how to use it with focus and intention, we can create amazing new possibilities in our experience. This is how we have evolved throughout human history. We use the power of our minds to see new realities, focus on them, and then intuitively take the steps needed to create. How do you think we have gone from where we were 100 years ago to where we are today? Creative minds who were bold enough to use the power of their minds to create, visualize, feel and act. 

Most of us have lived most of our lives doing this but in the wrong direction. We focused on all the things that we did not want. This year, 2024, we are going to live with a new level of mind, a higher level that will take us where we have never been.

Practical Steps that Will Help You See Your Creation in 2024.

1-Meditate. Get in a quiet place for 5-10 minutes and just listen. Don’t think.

2-Allow your mind to visualize with feeling your image for the new thing (our minds do not know the difference between what is in our head and our experience).

3-Let go of resistance or how this will come to pass. This is not our job. Allow that still small voice to guide from one step to the next. 

4-Surrender and know that it will come to pass. It may take time to continue these steps. But before you know it, you will begin to see the new thing. 

5-Give thanks along the way. Even before we see the new thing, we are content with where we are now. That contentment allows the door for more to be opened while enjoying the peace of current blessings. 

I cannot wait to hear and see how we get out of the loop and our lives begin to change as we all use the power of our minds with intention for good and blessings!

Happy New Mind-2024