Dr. Jacquelyn Minor is no stranger to empowering women. Most of her work has focused on equipping young women with the skills and mindsets that allow them to become confident, dependable contributors to their neighborhoods, schools, business communities, governments, and of course, households. Jacquelyn serves her community through several organizations including Time to Heal America, Forged Flowers, and the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce Women’s Alliance. Additionally, since 2012, she has also hosted women’s Connect groups, teaching women God made them strong, beautiful, creative, powerful, and precious, and that His word can be trusted to guide them through their lives. Dr. Minor believes that teaching – educating others – is her calling, and for over 20 years, she has faithfully served in this field. A huge fan of “Me time,” Jacquelyn enjoys sitting quietly on her front porch in the mornings, and taking long, evening walks with her children at a lake close to her home. These moments of peace are reminders that to be of service to others, we must first take care of ourselves.

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