I met Shivaun Palmer and it was love at first sight, two daughters of another mother, two peas from the same pod…something like that. We had arranged to meet for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at North Park. I got there early and headed off to Barnes and Noble. Thought I’d text Shivaun to say where I was and lo and behold, here she comes waving her cell phone at me across the same book- shelved isles. Another bookworm! That was enough to seal the deal and a marvelous lunch and get-to-know-each-other chat didn’t hurt either! Apparently Shivaun saw something in this story-filled Muslim woman that might interest and inspire the ladies of Plaid. I am honored to write for Plaid and am so on board with the whole ‘No Mean Girls’ thing, being an avid protagonist for the Golden Rule. It’s my joy to write a monthly power blog about my life as a Muslim. I hope and pray that in doing so, I can increase education about Islam and Muslims, and decrease the negative sensationalism that is so rampant in the media and political rhetoric. Knowing ‘the other’ has always been a win-win situation for me. I hope my writings lead you to the same conclusion. After all, that’s the hallmark of a No Mean Girl!

You can find her articles here.