Judy is a voracious reader and lover of small, independent movies. Her soul is fed by bluegrass and Texas roots music so abundant in the Texas Hill Country where she resides. One of her deepest joys is sharing authentic conversation with beloved friends. Judy is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wimberley, Texas with over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist. In addition to being in private practice, she has served as Clinical Director of the Houston Lighthouse for the Blind, served as Pastoral Counselor for two churches (one in Asheville, NC and one in Wimberley, TX) and served on the staff of a Community Counseling Center with a focus on serving artists and musicians.Judy Bennett specializes her skills as a licensed psychotherapist on life transitions such as the second half of life, career changes and decisions, stages of marriage, spiritual crises, relationship beginnings and endings, relocation, unexpected trauma and grieving personal loss. Sometimes the transition is simply to say, “Enough is enough; I want to change my life.”Judy Bennett was born 73 years ago in the Appalachian Mountains into the culture J.D. Vance so movingly describes in “Hillbilly Elegy.” Along with much joy and laughter, she experienced times of deep grief and steep uphill climbs. With a grateful heart, she counts it all as a gift. Judy considers her work a privilege as she walks with individuals and families who courageously seek the authentic lives they were meant to live.

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