Many times in life we run into situations where someone might offer the advice: “Just let it go.”  Perhaps a child broke our favorite toy and mom, seeing our tears said, “Just let it go.”  Or we didn’t get the job we wanted, allowing the “no” to take us down for a while, when the best thing was to learn from it and just let it go. That’s easier said than done sometimes.

Just Let It Go!

As I have matured and made my way through life, I learned that not letting go was more harmful to me than anyone else. One of my very bad habits is to want to have the last word, ESPECIALLY if I know I am right. Yes, I was on the debate team in school and did very well thank you. It seems as if it is my duty or obligation to keep going to prove I am right. Don’t I owe it to the other person to show them the errors of their way.  My mature self now says I can say NO.

Really! Let It Go

Letting go is not always about arguments on things that really do not matter. Too often, letting go can mean moving on from a relationship that may not be healthy. Leaving a job that you know is not a good fit. Too often, I stayed engaged longer than is healthy when both sides would’ve benefited from moving on. 

Letting go can also be very painful. I had a relative, as a result of an accident and pain meds, become addicted. I loved this person, so I kept trying to reach her with encouragement, saying, “I’m here for you.” Over and over, I would hear the words “Oh yes I know. You are right. I’m going to get this under control” But she never did. For years, I kept trying to convince myself that she couldn’t help it. After all, the doctors over prescribed the medication. But the truth remained, she didn’t try. Finally, I had to let go. There were no more words that I could offer. No more begging just to hear lies. No more tears as I was hurting and she felt nothing except the desire to find more drugs. In the end, she lost her life.

Let Go, But Don’t Give Up 

Of course, I am never going to simply give up on people I care for, but knowing when to just let go is important. Trying to control people and their choices or situations doesn’t usually end in success. Think about letting go of things or people that you need to let go of. In the end, it may be better and healthier for all involved.  

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong: but sometimes it is letting go.”-Hermann Hesse

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