Money Empowerment in the Digital Age is the tool you need to get your money back on track.

This tool was created by Plaid’s Money Empowered Expert, Gail White. Gail is a retired insurance professional, certified Training Manager and Director, Life Coach, Speaker. Most importantly, Gail is a Financial Literacy Advocate specializing in helping women live healthier and wealthier lives.

Gail loves to talk about her mission, “My mission is to help women live well, find fulfillment in retirement, and leave a legacy of wealth for their children’s children.” Notice that she doesn’t say leave a legacy for their children, instead she says, “. . . for their children’s children.” That is serious forward thinking.

What if . . . what if you could actually do that very thing?

Gail tells us we are in a new age in terms of our financial opportunities. In order to navigate it, we need to understand things like FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, the Metaverse, Forex Trading and more.

She wants to wet your appetite for the new world of money and to dispel some fears and anxieties you might have around it. Gail created this tool to help you do your own research.

Go ahead. Jump out there and learn, so that you can leave a legacy for your children’s children!

Money Empowerment in the Digital Age