One gentle knock can change a life. As a woman without much confidence, without many goals, always feeling like someone else could do everything better, this is what happened to me.

In a moment of tough times, I sat speaking with a childhood friend. We talked of people we once knew, where they were today and even the silly things we did when we were young. Even though we were not close, keeping up with one another through facebook and meeting once in the summer for an hour or so to catch up, she remembered things about me that led her to ask if I was interested in writing for a website, encouraging women.

I used to write, I did have a BA in English, I did miss it, but never thought I was good enough to pursue it in a professional way. But I felt a change beginning and with a lot of fear, I said yes.

Soon after, she led me to the owner of this site and I was hired as the editor of the site. I was blown away. They barely knew me, yet, they were willing to give me a chance that I was thrilled to take.

This all happened just over a year ago, leading to a year of life changes that go so much beyond my writing and editing.

It wasn’t because of my ability, it wasn’t because of my goals or my confidence (or lack there of). It was because one person took a chance and gently knocked at my door with an opportunity and I answered.

And with that gentle knock, my life was changed.

When was the last time you took a chance with someone, gently knocking with opportunity, encouraging them to take the next step?

When was the last time someone took a chance on you, offered you encouragement that changed your life?