Growing up, there was one question my sisters and I always asked but never received a clear answer. As a mom, I hear this question on a regular basis, too.  It is the question, I think, any child with siblings asks their parents, and hopefully it is a question that continues to go somewhat unanswered throughout life. “Hey mom, am I your favorite!?”

A few years ago, my older sister was acting odd at Christmas. She asked for a picture of all of us with our mother. As she placed us where she wanted us and handed off the camera, she stood in front of us and opened her jacket to reveal her shirt only to the camera man. She then closed her jacket and proceeded to post the picture on social media for us to see. In big words, her shirt said, “Mama’s Favorite” and she was so proud of herself and her shirt.

Over the years, my boys have come to me, nearly on a daily basis, and ask if they are my favorite. My best reply to each of them has been, “Do you think you are my favorite?” To which they each reply excitedly, “YES!” and I tell them, “Good. That’s how I want you to feel.” It is one of my favorite things to know my children each feel like they are the most special thing to me.

It has been nearly a year since my dad suddenly passed away. It was 3 days after Christmas last year. We had spent a lovely weekend with him celebrating and then he was gone. There have been several times throughout this year that I wondered if I was special to him. I mean, we can all try to make ourselves feel better and say he did, but really, I don’t believe I was his favorite. It has taught me with my own children that I don’t want them to ever wonder, I want them to know they are my favorites!

My oldest son is my favorite! He is funny, and smart, hard working, an artist, and loves God. He has an amazing sense of who he is. At 16, I could only wish to be as comfortable with myself as he is. He is caring and helpful and he drives his little brothers crazy, but loves them more than they know. We hang out, play Pokemon Go, and talk about more than I ever expect my teenager to share with me.

My middle son is my favorite! He is quirky, and logical, smart and so loving. He is silly, loves sports and knows so much about the history of football it blows my mind. He has dealt with a lot in the last couple years, but loves his friends and always thinks the best of those that do not treat him well. He loves to spend time with me cuddling and reading or drawing amazing pictures.

My youngest son is my favorite! He is hyper, and fun, sensitive, and excited by life. He loves math, books, and playing video games. He enjoys spending time with his brothers and is becoming a homebody. His personality continues to grow as he grows and I am excited to be a part of his world as he continues to learn all life and the Lord have for him. He loves to snuggle, and read books with me, as well as play games and draw.

My boys have a lot in common that makes it easy for me to love them all, but they also have a long list of differences that make it easy for each of them to be my favorites and I’m so thankful they know it!