“Star of Wonder,

Star of Light,

Guide us to thy Perfect Light”

The scent of Christmas is in the air as we gather as a family.  The hot chocolate warms us and the music of the holiday season in the background lifts our spirits.  Finally, our evergreen tree is awash in white light as we climb the ladder to add the final adornment, “The Star.”

Our tears flow as the four of us wrap our arms around one another.  The gift of Christmas will always be “The Star,” shining for all of us to see, guiding us.  In faith we bow our heads, reminding us of His presence in our lives as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The symbol of the lighted Star was started ten years ago when the pain of losing our child or the adored sister to our sons was so sudden and overwhelming.  We find comfort in the love we share and the memories we hold on to as it has helped to heal the deepest pain of our loss.

Our daughter will always be our brightest shining star on earth.  Even though we are separated and the hurt lingers, we draw strength from the bonds of love and the symbol of  “The Star” and the promise it holds of the glory of everlasting life and the hope of holding our daughter again.