Sometimes I doubt myself.  I mean I try to listen to my inner voice yet I begin questioning myself.  Sound confusing?  Try listening to my inner monologue that sounds like a dialogue and make sense of it!

During this time of new normal, I find myself questioning many things.  What is my purpose?  What should be my first priority now that I am concerned about getting coronavirus?  Should I stay at home and continue to self-quarantine now that my state of Virginia has opened back up?  What should I do?

I think I know the right thing to do and then I doubt myself.  I usually make a decision and quickly follow through with it.  It is ironic because I am a Libra and we are supposed to have a difficult time making choices.  I think I overcompensate for this by making a quick decision.  This could be because I think fast, move fast and talk fast.  I contribute this to my hyper nature.  Anyway, this seems to work for me.  Then self-doubt creeps in and I question my decision making capability.

I read a quote by Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Okay, I guess I am on the right track since I am examining my life to see if I am making the right choices.  Then I examine myself even further and realize that by knowing my strengths and being aware of my weaknesses, I am gaining self knowledge.

Another quote I read said, “Pain is an inconvenience.  Make pain your friend so it teaches you a lesson rather than let it hurt you.”  Reading these inspirational quotes does help me to quiet my inner insecurity and self-doubt.  So I will learn from these motivating thoughts and continue on in my journey to know myself better.

Photo by Burst on Unsplash